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Rescue the Food!
About food waste and what we can do to reduce it

What can we do? Some easy wins

  • Shop for specific meals so you don’t end up with ingredients you won’t use.

  • Shop from the reduced isle in supermarkets so these products don’t get wasted.

  • Join a food waste reduction app like Olio (easy to download) and put your excess food on there so someone else can use it up.

  • Get hold of some pickle jars and vinegar and learn how to pickle.

  • Check out recipe sites that will give you recipes for slightly random ingredients you might be left with, e.g.

  • Oh, and join in our hide and seek campaign, rescue and re-hide the food items you find around Chorlton to spread the word! Thank you ;)

  • And if you’d like to talk further with us about reducing food waste in Chorlton, please enter your details here. You might be a food business who needs volunteers to collect your food waste and list it on Olio, or you might be someone who wants to be part of a food waste volunteer network… any ideas, do get in touch, we are really friendly.


What can we do? The next step

  • Try growing some of your own vegetables, even in pots if you don’t have a garden; this reduces transport use as well as reducing waste.

  • Volunteer to pick up excess food from supermarkets near you once a week through a food waste reduction app like Olio and , then share it through the app with your neighbours. 

What can businesses do

Many businesses have, keep, sell or make food. Food that is nearing its use by or best before date can be passed to charities or companies that deal with waste (e.g. food banks, hostels, and food waste companies like Olio) in order to reduce their reported waste in line with government guidance.


If you have a business, there are lots of organisations that will happily help you to have a sustainability plan or waste reduction plan if you don’t already have one:

  • WRAP

  • Olio

  • Sustain

  • Manchester Food Board

  • Sustainable Food Places


If you would be interested in working with hyperlocal people to develop a better food waste strategy, we would be really happy to speak with you. We don’t have the answers, but we have enthusiasm, ideas and a willingness to work cooperatively to reduce food waste and the impact this has on the planet. Get in touch!


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