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Blinded by the Light: Let's get creative about artificial light pollution

Ok, so you've had a read about some of the harm caused by mis-used artificial lights to wildlife, humans and climate change and you want to do something about it. Let's get going!

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Contribute to the art trail!

Chorlton Arts Festival's 2021 theme is On the Road Again, with a focus on outdoor visual arts and performances. Create your own original piece of outdoor artwork to feature in Chorlton's first ever Craftivist Art Trail! 
All the wooden shapes to decorate are now distributed, but you can create your artwork from scratch however you wish so long as it is:

  • suitable for outside display

  • eye-catching and relevant to raising awareness about light pollution; get inspiration here

  • displayed in a front garden or other safe public area in Chorlton, or close by

  • has space on it or nearby for adding a QR code sticker that we will provide (this will link a webpage all about light pollutions, it's problems and solutions; as well as artist information).

  • finished by mid/end August for September arts festival

Please complete this short form to let us know you want to contribute a craftwork to the Chorlton Arts Festival Art Trail. 
Any questions, please email Danielle


Small crafts

You are invited to make small craft items to raise awareness about light pollution. These can be gifted to friends or family, or placed in public places for people to chance upon. 
We can give you a QR code stick to add to your creations for people to learn more about light pollution and the actions we can take to reduce it.


Do a light audit

You are invited to take an audit of your outside lights. Maybe our neighbours will join in too? This will help us assess the extent of artificial lights, their coverage and nature in our close community, and considerwhat changes we can make to inappropriate or unnecessary lighting.
More info coming soon.

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