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Welcome to Chorlton Craftivists, a space to connect with a community of friendly social activists who collaborate to try to make the world a better place running craft-based projects.


This small, informal group of creative people emerged during the early days of the Covid-19 crisis in Chorlton (Manchester, UK) to crochet a banner thanking the NHS and raising awareness of the need to care for our frontline staff. We enjoy a variety of crafts. New joiners welcome!

Join the Facebook group. Read a short article about craftivism and the Chorlton Craftivists in Open Up magazine.

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Creating Cycles for Change
Mending Ourselves 
Save Ryebank Fields

Sarah Corbett, Craftivist, "Be the change"

Find out more about craftivism

We aim to raise awareness and influence change in positive ways "Calling people in" rather than "Calling people out". Are you in...? 

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