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Save Ryebank Fields: Our campaign to raise awareness with the new council leader


On hearing that Councillor Bev Craig was appointed as leader of Manchester City Council from 1 December 2021, a group of local people came together to create a congratulations gift to help raise awareness of Ryebank Fields. Find out more about Ryebank Fields and other campaigns you can join to save this precious space. 

We enjoyed planning and creating gifts made 'from the heart' for presenting to Cllr Bev Craig. Many were made with materials from Ryebanks Fields - a felled tree, fallen leaves, foraged nettles. Others were inspired by time spent in the fields - pictures, decorated pebbles, haikus, photographs. Big thank you to Jay, Ayako, Anna, Lisa, Zac, Sydney, Sam, Rose, Catherine, Kath, Nicky and Danielle.


We delivered our gift to the town hall reception, and were delighted to receive a friendly response a few days later. Here is an extract from the email "Thank you for the gift, a box of very thoughtful things- so thank you. The Chorlton Councillors speak very highly of you and your group! Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Best wishes, Councillor Bev Craig, Leader- Elect" 

What's next? In our letter that you can read below we asked Cllr Bev Craig to connect with our friends running the long-standing campaign, Save Ryebank Fields. We hope you enjoy perusing photos of the gifts we crafted and perhaps feel inspired to find your own creative ways to save Ryebank Fields. Do join us all in the effort to preserve this special green space for wildlife and humans.

With thanks to Jay Clarke for photographs.                                                                                                               
November 2021

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