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Save Ryebank Fields: Our campaigns to safeguard this precious wildlife area

Ryebank Fields is a beautiful, safe, wild space in a built-up suburban area that is under threat from development. Manchester Metropolitan University, who were given the fields by Manchester Council to use as student playing fields in the 1970s, want to cash in by selling the land to housing developers. Although Manchester Council do not own the fields, they have approved the 2017 Development Framework submitted by Manchester Metropolitan University. Pending planning permission, a sale has been agreed to a partnership of Southway Housing and Step Places.

If you have a few minutes to read this very accessible report Biodiversity Strategy 2022-2030: The City of Manchester’ s Nature Recovery.  You will see the public are exhorted to take action "To help nature recover in Manchester we will need more people to take greater action to protect it." We are here to do just this, together, using our craftivist approach - do join in!

Find out more in this short article in Open Up magazine, then join the campaign run by the Friends of Ryebank Fields whose website is full of useful information. The developers have an information website where you can register for updates and potential consultation. Later in 2023 there should be opportunities for us to express concerns during the planning application.

In the meantime do get involved with our campaigns and check out all the information, resources and activities on the Save Ryebank Fields website.

Ryebank at dawn spiders web.jpeg

Ryebanks Fields at dawn by Jay Clarke

We love Ryebank Fields: A community celebration of the fields
Join the current craftivist campaign to create a beautiful heart trail in the fields from 11 to 26 February 2023. When the trail is finished we will gift some of the hearts - with added messages - to people with whom we'd like to raise awareness of how much the fields are loved.

Read about our first campaign in 2021 to raise awareness of Ryebank Fields when we created a Ryebank Fields focused craftivist gift box for Bev Craig, the new leader of Manchester Council. 

See the craftivist gift made for the leader of Manchester Council to invite her to find out more about Ryebank Fields. We hope she will help to preserve rather than allow building on them.

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