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Previous campaigns

Here are some little acts of craftivism that we have undertaken in Chorlton since we set up during Covid-19 in Chorlton. Many people have contributed and been involved, crocheting, knitting and stitching.


Covid-19 NHS conditions

During the height of Covid-19, we wanted to thank the NHS and frontline workers for their hard work. We also wished to highlight caring for their needs, such as ensuring they were were kept safe with Personal Protective Equipment.
Members of the community contributed crocheted squares in NHS colours, as well as crocheting 3-D viruses and rainbows. 
The blanket was displayed outside Chorlton Precinct on Manchester Road. It has seen been delivered to the People's History Museum in Manchester.


Food poverty awareness

During 2020, foodbanks were needed more than ever. This piece of craftivism was intended to highlight the growing problems of food poverty and food inequality in the UK.
Group members crocheted, knitted and embroidered contributions to create a Christmas dinner that was contrasted with an empty plate saying "No-one should go hungry". This was displayed on a local postbox with added tags signposting to organisations working on food poverty and provision of food and/or  meals to Manchester communities.


Black Lives Matter

Badges were created to demonstrate support for the Black Lives Matter movement. These were supplied to local people including Chorlton Bike Delivery group members. 
Black hearts were crocheted for display in the community.

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