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Blinded by the Light: Raising awareness of light pollution 
Public art display for Chorlton Arts Festival 19-28 May 2023

In 2021 we curated Chorlton's first ever craftivist art trail, created by wonderful local crafters who care about the environment. You can also view all the creations from the comfort of your sofa in our online craftivist gallery!

Some of the artworks were displayed again, as a group, in Chorlton Community Garden, the little green oasis between Chorlton Library and the Sedge Lynn pub on Manchester Road, M21 9PN during Chorlton Arts Festival 2023.

The garden has had to remain closed until it is able to be refurbished by the Friends of Chorlton Community Garden, currently working with Manchester Council on planning permission. The displays were visible through the railings.  You can also read more resources here too about light pollution and what we can do to reduce it

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