Blinded by the Light: Raising awareness of light pollution 
Art trail for Chorlton Arts Festival 11-19 September 2021

Our art trail was set up for Chorlton Arts Festival in September 2021, created by wonderful local crafters who care about the environment. Most of the displays remain in place. See the list of crafters and locations to check.

You can also view all the creations from the comfort of your sofa in our online craftivist gallery!

The artworks are marked on this google map which you can use on your device. Like any interactive Google map, you can navigate the map using your two fingers on your phone screen. Alternatively, check out the list of artists with addresses and artwork information.

Unlike an indoor exhibition, we cannnot assume that all the art displays will remain in good condition where they have been placed. Please let us know if you notice anything is missing or damaged.


You will see a sticker with a QR code on each art display. This is to attract people passing by so that they scan it and reach our website to find out more about light pollution and how we can reduce it.

Unfortunately Googlemaps does not have a function to accurately print a map with all the addresses on display.
A list can be printed from the content on the artists' page.