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Rescue the food: How to get involved

Did you find some crafted food? Want to save it from the bin? 

How to get involved with this campaign


Join in the “rescue the food” community hide and seek game

Congratulations on finding a hidden food item! We are trying to save them from the bin, thanks for helping. We would really love it if you could now do the following:

  • Take a photo of the item (with yourself or without, whatever you prefer).

  • Post the photo on social media – if you are on Facebook you can join the Facebook group called “Rescue the Food, Chorlton” and post the picture in there, or post on any social media platform using the hashtags #rescuethefood and #lovefoodhatewaste.

  • Then take the item on a little journey (they make cute friends!) and hide it somewhere else in Chorlton or nearby for someone else to find.

  • Then carry on looking for other crafted food items elsewhere and see how many you can find!


Join in with creating crafted food items to add to the game

  • We would really love people to join in with the game of #rescuethefood by making their own crafted food items using any craft – sewing, felting, crochet, knitting, papercraft or something we haven’t thought of!

  • We are meeting every Tuesday during May 2022 at The Edge Theatre café as a group, to craft and chat about reducing food waste, climate change and related topics; you’re very welcome to join us then or craft at home in your own way.

  • If you’d like to collect a label for your crafted item, you can get these at the meet ups or by sending us a message on social media – Chorlton Craftivists.

  • Please photograph anything you make and send it to us directly or post it using the hashtags #rescuethefood and #lovefoodhatewaste so that we can find and re-share them.

  • If you would rather gift your crafted item to someone in a position of power or influence in relation to food waste, please feel free to do just that. We’d love to know about it if you can manage a photo and a short story, we will add it to our social media and website along with other craftivism stories.

Find out more about food waste and what we can do about it.

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Check out the labels attached to our hidden food items -->

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